About Caroline

Welcome, friends! I know your time is valuable, and I so appreciate you spending some of it here!

My name is Caroline. I am a twenty-something, wife and boy mom living in Franklin, TN. My husband, Connor, and I were both born and raised here, and have known each other since we were babies; Although, it took two decades and a dating app to truly meet and fall in love. We bought a dog, found out we were expecting, got engaged, got married, and both switched jobs in a year’s time. Our first son is now almost three years old, and our second one is bringing up the rear at three months.  We are navigating marriage and parenthood the best way we know how: with a lot of love and a lot more Jesus.

I am a registered nurse, and work in a local hospital two days a week. Three years ago I was diagnosed with OCD and severe anxiety, and have been battling them both ever since. I started this blog as a form of therapy, and an emotional outlet from the stressors of my profession and every day triggers. My mission is simple: to relieve others of the pressures of perfection by providing an honest, transparent account of my life. Pockets turned out, flaws exposed. And if you can relate? Well then, that’s beautiful.