Snack Time Heroes

My son can EAT. I swear he can hear the crinkle of a chip bag or the opening of the refrigerator from at least a mile away… and he is there. Although it’s been a lifesaver (any money saver) to finally transition off of formula, it can be tricky to find a variety of snacks for little man! I am a working mama, and finding time to cook homemade anything is a rarity. (And also I hate to cook… so even if I had the time, I wouldn’t spend it in the kitchen.) Recently I’ve been on the lookout for healthier, store bought snacks that I can keep in the house for Gatlin. This list includes my five favorite snack time go-tos, that leave me feeling guilt-free, and G with a happy tummy!


Plum Organics Applesauce Mashups

Why I love them?

These little guys are perfect for on the go snacks. They come in a pouch that is ideal size for little ones, and even have clear bottoms so you can see inside before opening. The best part? They have no added sugar! (insert praise hands) I also love the addition of other fruits and veggies into the applesauce, giving Gatlin’s diet more variety in one easy pouch! Check them out here


HappyBaby Yogis and Coconut Creamies

Why I love them?

Gatlin isn’t in love with the texture of yogurt, and generally won’t eat it by itself. These little drops of heaven begin melting right away, are chocked full of fruits and yogurt (and veggies in certain flavors), and come in a resealable package that you can slide into your diaper bag. My only word of advice with these is to wait until baby is a little older. We tried yogurt melts (a different brand) when Gatlin was 6 or 7 months and he almost choked. When they melt in baby’s mouth, they can get a little sticky. Until your little one has more coordinated with eating and “chewing,”  I would hold off on these. Click here for HappyFamily website!


Hip Chick Farms Chicken Meatballs

Why I love them?

I am not above giving my child hotdogs. However, I was struggling to find other meats that were easy to prepare (other than turkey slices, which G loves). You just pop these in the oven for 10 minutes and you have the perfect size meatballs for a filling snack, or even as part of a meal! Connor and I eat these all the time, and both think they taste great! I didn’t mean to buy the gluten free, it was just the only kind offered at our store. They have SO many other awesome products here


HappyTot Alphabet Snacks

Why I love them?

One of my best mom friends turned me on to these recently, and I couldn’t be happier! They can easily be broken into little pieces, or kept whole for teething. I hate that I have to say this, but always supervise your child when eating anything. Little ones are just learning to eat, and choking can happen. Anyways, the flavors of these are great, excellent ingredients, and easy on-the-go storage. Plus, they taste like a cookie, so your babe thinks they’re getting dessert! Win win. Check them out


Simply Balanced freeze dried fruit

Why I love them?

Last but not least, this genius product! Target has a ton of different freeze dried fruit options. Highlights? The only ingredient is the fruit, they’re easy, and they aren’t incredibly messy. (I say that, but if your little one is a fan of pulling food back out of their mouth, like mine, they can get sticky.) Gatlin loves fruit and a lot of times I don’t have the luxury of cutting it up while we’re running errands. These packages are the perfect solution. Again, this is another product I would wait on until baby is older and more coordinated with eating. Like I said before, they can get sticky and come in bigger pieces.

If you prefer to prepare homemade food/snacks for your little, more power to you! I am a firm believer that whatever works for your family is the best option for you. I love easy, healthy options for Gatlin…so these are my snack time heroes! Do you have anything to add to this list? What are your go-to snack secrets?

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